Monthly Home Maintenance Plan

Consistent home maintenance saves you money, time and stress by preventing major issues before they happen. Homeworx monthly home maintenance subscription service gives you the peace of mind knowing that each month Homeworx will schedule a visit to your property to take care of ongoing and seasonal maintenance tasks, keeping your home operating in tip-top shape.

Your $225/month subscription includes:

ONE two-hour visit each month addressing monthly service items

Up to FOUR FREE furnace filters installed each year

FREE smoke detector battery replacements each year

A more detailed list of services is provided below

Monthly Plan

Seasonal Plan

Annual Plan

  • Your dedicated handyman will spend a minimum of 2 hours addressing items on the MONTHLY MENU OF SERVICES.
  • Any extra time will be dedicated to the homeowner’s projects of choice.
  • Each home is unique so the amount of extra time available for extra tasks will vary from month to month. (additional time can be added at the preferred homeowner’s rate of $85/hr).
  • This plan includes monthly inspections of your home’s exterior addressing minor issues such as caulk repairs, vents cleared, insects, wasp nests, etc.
  • Furnace filter service (filters provided and replaced every 3 months;

  • four filters provided per year)

  • Gutter inspection and cleaning

  • Inspect and clean makeup air vent filter

  • Inspect soffit vents and clear obstructions

  • Inspection and installation/removal of window screens or storm windows

  • Place/inspect hoses and open exterior water lines (spring)

  • Drain/inspect hoses and winterize exterior water lines (fall)

  • Visually inspect and clean A/C unit

  • Test sump pump

  • Inspect and test or shut down gas fireplace

  • Inspect and test smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors

  • Clean out exterior dryer vent

  • Replace drinking water filters (in-line or refrigerator; filters provided by homeowner)

  • Check/repair exterior hose bib leaks


  • Smoke detector batteries tested and replaced yearly

  • Vacuum refrigerator condenser coils and fan

  • Repair minor asphalt/concrete damage

  • Inspect refrigerator door gaskets and freezer vents (clean/clear as needed)

  • Clean entire length of dryer vent line

  • Inspect and clean faucet aerators

  • Drain sediment from water heater

  • Inspect weather stripping around exterior doors

  • Test garage door safety shut-off

  • Visual inspection of attic

  • Lubricate garage door moving parts and springs

  • Inspection and tightening of laundry hoses

  • Clean range vent grease filter

    Test furnace